Weight Loss Program

Forever Weight Loss/ Weight Loss Program

Forever Weight Loss offers physician supervised non surgical weight management programs. Patients are seen weekly by trained staff to facilitate weight loss goals. We do not use any prescription medicines in our programs. The three weight management programs offered are:

New Direction Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)

  • Established, safe and effective
  • Simple to follow – Your nutritional needs are met with our nutritionally complete, delicious meal replacements
  • Able to deliver rapid results – Average weekly weight loss is 3 to 5 pounds per week
  • Effective in improving in obesity-related health issues including diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol

New Direction Low Calorie Diet (LCD)

  • Established, safe and effective
  • Two to three meal replacements per day plus a sensible meal
  • Average weekly weight loss is 2 to 3 pounds per week
  • Effective in improving in obesity-related health issues including diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol
*A Modified Very Low Calorie Diet option is available for those who have a lifestyle which makes them unable to commit to the full fast VLCD.

New Moms Weight Loss Program

You’re Strong. You’re Magnificent. You’re a Mom!

For nine months you’ve nourished and developed your baby through a healthy, balanced diet. Now it’s time to reclaim control over your body, lose weight, and revitalize your energy, because healthy families begin with healthy moms. Let Forever Weight Loss help!
With our convenient, easy-to-use, portion-controlled meal replacements and protein supplements, you won’t feel like you’re eating baby food to get your figure back. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy savory snacks, mocha pudding, peanut butter bars, sloppy joe, and more!
Better yet, each of our products are specially designed to help you boost energy, promote fat burning and weight loss, and ensure you receive adequate protein, vitamin and mineral intake.

Meeting the Needs of New Moms Everywhere!

  • Nursing Moms Plan: Research by the Institute of Medicine has shown that a minimum of 1800 calories and gradual weight loss of 1 pound per week in nursing mothers will not compromise milk production. Our 1800 and 2000 calorie meal plans will help get your cravings under control, provide you and your baby with proper nutrition, and help you relearn how to eat for one versus eating for two—all while you achieve your weight loss goal.
  • Non-Nursing Moms: Women who bottle feed their babies need to replenish nutrients lost during pregnancy and childbirth. To achieve a weight loss of approximately 2 pounds per week, we recommend starting at 1200 to 1400 calories and adjusting in subsequent weeks to achieve optimal weight loss.
  • For information on our program for new moms and our meal replacement and protein supplement options, contact us today at 985-855-3790! Remember, healthy families begin with healthy moms.

Our diet plans have four phases:

Phase I: Screening

The screening process includes a medical history, blood tests, EKG, and a behavioral and nutritional assessment

Phase 2: Reducing

During this time of rapid weight loss, meal replacements will be utilized to lose the unwanted weight. Our meal replacements are nutritionally complete, but they supply fewer calories than your body needs to function. Other needed calories come from your body’s fat stores.

Phase 3: Adapting

Typically occurs when you are within 5 to 10 pounds of your goal weight. Grocery store foods are re-introduced, slowly and methodically which allows you to practice healthy eating habits and lifestyle change as you lose your last few pounds.

Phase 4: Sustaining

In the Sustaining Phase of the program, you will be eating regular foods and practicing your new lifestyle and weight management skills under the guidance of the Forever Weight Loss support staff. You will continue to work with a counselor to adjust your calories and meal plans, so you can maintain your new body weight and meet your nutritional needs. A combination of regular activity, sensible eating, and support from others can help you maintain your weight loss.

S.T.A.R. Maintenance Plan

  • Many plans have been developed to help people lose weight, but comparatively little attention has been given to maintaining weight loss. Regaining is a common issue for many patients and research demonstrates that patients who follow a structured weight loss program can regain 75% or more of their lost weight. That is why we’ve incorporated the Robard S.T.A.R. Plan® — Steps To Avoid Regain — into our core program offerings to provide added tools that will help you develop permanent lifestyle changes. Developed by an expert panel of researchers and experienced medical professionals operating successful weight management programs, the S.T.A.R. Plan complements our weight loss plans and provides additional strategies to meet the multifaceted challenges you may face to achieve long-term weight loss success. A wealth of resources previously unapplied to weight maintenance, including Cognitive Restructuring, Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry, are utilized to help you build on the personal satisfaction and inherent value of sustaining a healthy weight.