Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is dedicated to helping you succeed in your weight loss journey. Here are some frequently asked questions from our patients. If you have some questions, and need some answers, give us a call at 985-855-3790.
We will be with you every pound of the way!


Do you take any insurance?

No, we do not take any insurance at this time.

Can I file medical portion as part of my wellness package on my insurance plan?

Yes, we can give you an itemized receipt for you to submit to your insurance company.

Why is this program followed by a doctor?

The intensity of the VLCD requires monitoring of electrolytes, liver enzymes, and blood glucose level. In this program, this will be done initially and monthly.

Do I have to weigh in every week?

No, we have an interactive scale and app that you can weigh in at the convenience of your own home and your weight will upload to the nurse. However, we do encourage everyone to weight in person weekly.

Is there a time commitment to the program?

No, you can start and stop however you like.

Can I drink coffee on the program?

Yes, you can consume coffee, unsweetened tea, crystal light, diet drinks, and artificial sweeteners. As long as you are getting your specified water goal in, all these extras can be part of your day.

Do I have to exercise?

Exercise is incorporated into the plan after 2 to 3 weeks when your body is ready. Exercise goals are individualized and will be discussed at your weekly weigh in visits.